Water Leak Detectors Protect Your House

Plumbing leaks lead to high repair costs for homeowners. Also, these leakage issues can damage your valuable property. So, you should get water leak detectors to prevent expensive water damages.


Water Leakage Problem

Water leaks become a headache if you don’t address them at the earliest. There are many reasons why this problem can arise. When plumbing pipes get old, they are prone to leakages. It’s quite common in winter when water freezes and causes the pipes to burst. Also, leaky fixtures and toilets are its common sources.

You should carefully inspect areas where water leaks can occur. First, check indoor and outdoor faucets. Then check under cabinets and sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Look for puddles near the base of the bathtub, toilet, and shower area. Checking water heaters, laundry rooms, and the basement can also help you identify the problem.


How Water Leak Detectors Can Help

Modern water leak detectors monitor water flow through sensors. And they can notify you when there’s an unexpected leakage. These devices also come in handy during the winter season. They let you know when the water starts freezing. Hence, you can take timely action to prevent pipes from bursting.

For this purpose, Sabre wired leak detector can be a good option. It alerts you with beeping flashlights when there’s a leak. And its 110 dB siren makes sure you can hear the alarm sound even when you are in the other room.

Basement leakages are also quite common. So, you should consider installing the Basement Watchdog water alarm. It can detect water leakage and flooding within the premises. And you can easily hear its loud alarm.


Leaking water can cause tremendous damage to homes. So, invest in a water leak detector and you won’t need to worry about leakage issues. Also, contact professional plumbers to repair leakages before the problem gets out of hand.