Trees Touching Power Lines Can Be Harmful

Overgrown tree branches become a nuisance. Trees touching power lines can result in unplanned power outages. Also, they pose the risk of electrocution and fire hazards.

Storms can also cause tree branches to break. So, check trees for interference with electrical lines after a storm. But make sure you hire professional tree trimming services. It’s because they can take necessary precautions to avoid electrocution.


Tree Plantation Tips

Tree limbs can fall during harsh weather. They may damage the electrical wires that provide you and your neighbors with power. As a result, it may cause power outages or electricity interruptions. So, when you plant trees, make sure they are at a safe distance from the powerline.

Tall trees with a height greater than 40 feet need more precautions. They should be at least 50 feet away from the lines to mitigate electrocution risks. Such trees include oak, white and blue spruce, pines, and maple trees.

A mature height of fewer than 15 feet works best for trees near power lines. Make sure the trees aren’t directly under power lines. They should be away from poles and electrical equipment for safety purposes.

Now you know how to plant trees in a safe way. But what about the trees you already have in your yard?

You should ensure there is a safe clearance between trees and the power lines near your home. You may have trees growing into the power lines. So, contact your electric provider to determine whether you or the utility  company is responsible for tree trimming.


How to Trim Trees Touching Power Lines

You may want to trim trees on your own. But do not touch trees touching power lines since it can be dangerous. It’s better to contact skilled professionals. They receive training to safely prune and trim trees for electric line clearance.

Many states also have regulations that only professionals approved by the electricity company can perform the task. Refrain from climbing trees present near electrical lines. Also, ensure that kids and pets also stay away from them.