Tornado Safety Tips for Your Protection

The violently rotating column of air may seem attractive. But they are far more dangerous than you think. Caused by thunderstorms, a tornado can destroy the strongest of structures within minutes. So, you should remember tornado safety tips to stay safe.

On average, around 1,200 tornadoes hit the US states every year. And The Great Plains and southern states are more likely to receive damages. So, what can you do to deal with the effects of this natural disaster?


Look Out for Potential Signs of a Tornado

There are a few ways you can identify if a tornado is approaching. This way, you can implement tornado safety tips to protect your loved ones.

  • Listen to news
  • Approaching clouds of debris with whirling dust
  • The air almost comes to a halt right before a tornado
  • You may hear loud, thunderous sounds
  • The sky turns greenish and dark
  • Keep an eye on local tornado alerts


Tornado Safety Tips

Do you live in an area prone to tornadoes? Then it’d be a good idea to arrange tornado drills at least once a year.

First, you should prepare your home for tornadoes. For this purpose, trim trees in your yard. And get rid of clutter and debris. Further, you may want to move patio furniture indoors.

Next, reinforce doors, windows, and the roof. Install roof braces to reduce the risk of the roof flying away. Investing in storm shutters can also protect you and the property.

Prepare a Tornado Safety Kit

You should prepare for disaster by knowing where to take shelter. Basements with no windows can protect you from flying debris. You can take shelter under a sturdy table there when a tornado approaches.

Also, keep a tornado emergency kit for an emergency. It should contain clean water, toiletries, canned food, and a first aid kit. Duct tape, flashlight, batteries, cash, and medicines are also essential.

Make sure your entire family knows about the safety routine. Then when there is a warning, you should hurry to the safe place. Waiting for the tornado to hit before taking shelter may risk your safety. And you don’t want that!