Tornado Emergency Kit: What to Prepare?

Tornadoes are quite common in the US. A violent column of air can destroy the strongest of structures. Moreover, it endangers lives by throwing heavy objects through the air. This is why you need to prepare a tornado emergency kit for survival.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Prepare a tornado kit at the earliest. But make sure every family member has a separate kit bag with them.

When your city receives a tornado warning, take shelter with your family. Your emergency supplies can help you stay safe and comfortable until the tornado passes.


Checklist for Your Tornado Emergency Kit

Some essential items that are a must for a tornado survival kit are as follows:

  • Clean drinking water (approx. one gallon per person per day)
  • Non-perishable food cans to last for at least 3 days
  • Can opener for canned food
  • First aid kit and prescription medications
  • Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer
  • Leather gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Cash
  • Radio and flashlight with extra batteries
  • Extra clothing and footwear
  • Sleeping bag or blanket
  • Pet food for your furry friend
  • Personal hygiene items


Protect Your House from Tornado

Your roof can protect your roof in the event of a disaster. So, fortify it to ensure it doesn’t fly off. You can install metal brackets or straps to strengthen it.

Protecting your windows and doors is also important for tornado safety. Hence, you can choose storm shutters or panels to keep them intact. Also, add metal braces to your garage door to prevent potential damages.

Clear your patio and yard. Move large furniture indoors or place it in the garage. Also, you should move empty planters and plant pots for safety.

Inspect the main utility valves and determine how to turn them off. This includes electricity, water, and gas connections. Keep a wrench handy so you can shut them in case of a tornado. It reduces the risk of fire, flooding, and gas leaks.

Keep an eye on tornado warnings. And take shelter in a room or basement when the disaster approaches. Your tornado emergency kit will help you stay safe!