Prevent Insects from Entering Your Home

Insects and bugs are carriers of diseases. You may use an insect spray to kill mosquitoes and other insects that creep inside your place. But you should rather prevent insects from entering your home in the first place. It’s possible to achieve this goal by making sure your home is tightly sealed and following good sanitary measures.

Maintaining the perimeter of your house is vital. You should spray an effective insect killer around the outdoor foundation to keep bugs away.


How Pests Make Indoor Entry

  • Through gaps in door and window frames
  • Cracks in foundation
  • Passages in walls for cables or HVAC
  • Dryer or roof vents
  • Kitchen exhaust fan
  • Tree branches in contact with your home
  • Garbage cans
  • Delivery packages kept outside


How to Prevent Insects from Entering Your Home

Doors and windows are the easiest entry points for insects. So, make sure you properly seal them. Look for light peeping through. If light rays are visible, that’s a spot where insects can get in. Similarly, inspect your window screen and weather stripping for wear and tear. You should repair these damages and holes asap.

Passages in walls also attract insects indoors. Hence, check the spaces where cables, HVAC, and ventilation systems pass through walls. Inspect vents and exhaust fans from your dryer, bathroom, or kitchen. Also, make sure vent dampers are working properly.

Don’t forget to seal gaps between trim and house siding. Pay special attention to the points where walls join the foundation. Look for cracks and holes in exterior walls and the foundation. Your walls should be at least a few inches above the soil. Pull mulch back from the foundation and prune plants so that branches don’t touch your house.

Next, a quick glance at soffits and roof vents can reveal obvious problems. So, carefully look at junctures between adjoining roof lines. It’s because these are the favorite entry points for wasps and yellow jackets. Double-check roof vent screens to ensure all edges are secure.



Reduce clutter around your house to keep insects and bugs at bay. Cardboard boxes provide shelter to pests and insects. So, make sure there are no old boxes in your yard. Take out trash on a regular basis. And keep garbage cans tightly covered.

Lastly, checking packages entering the home is the most effective way to prevent insect entry indoors.