Professional HVAC Inspection

HVACs represent close to 50% of your monthly utility bill. Be sure they are working efficiently  by having cooling inspected the Spr and heating in Fall. This is critical to ensure your HVAC system is healthy and catch problems before they cause a break-down. Just be sure to select the RIGHT HVAC provider!

What to do?

Locating a good HVAC service

Tip 1: Referrals – Ask neighbours, friends and family for referrals

Tip 2: Read Reviews – Read written comments on unbiased website.

Tip 3: Ask if they provide a paper check-list of the services performed and the readings for your system.

Tip 4: Determine if technician/company is licensed, bonded and insured. This information can often be found online.

Tip 5: At visit look for: a. Communication, b. Punctuality, c. Appearance, c. Patience, d. Thoroughness