How to Test Your Lawn Irrigation System

Your lawn irrigation system keeps the yard aesthetically appealing. It provides water to plants and grass which is essential to their growth. But its performance can reduce with time particularly if you ignore regular maintenance.

A lawn sprinkler system usually has a lifespan of 20 years. But you may need to replace parts well before that. Also, dirt and debris can clog it when it’s not in use. So, you should test your irrigation system monthly. This will┬áprevent clogging and ensure proper operation.


Common Problems with a Lawn Irrigation System

During the winter season, the sprinkler may freeze due to cold weather. Then it thaws during the warm months. This freeze-thaw cycle negatively affects the performance. So, you may need to replace the sprinkler head or other parts sooner than expected.

The irrigation system can also get clogged with soil and dust. As a result, water flow doesn’t remain constant. Also, the system would fail to provide good water pressure when you need it.

Leakage is another common problem. This issue may arise due to a malfunctioning main valve or the hose. Keep an eye on the sprinkler and take action if water is leaking from different parts.


How to Test the System

To test the lawn irrigation system, turn it on. Check the water meter to ensure the water supply is working. Also, turn on the backflow device if there is one. Then let it run for a few minutes.

Now, check the leak indicator. If it indicates there’s a leakage then you need to address it. Inspect the filter and replace it if it’s old. Don’t forget to clean valves and the sprinkler head and fix them properly.

Checking water pressure is important too. For this purpose, keep an eye on water coming out from the sprinkler. You can resolve the pressure problem by replacing the filter or sprinkler head.