How to Power Wash Siding and Windows

Even your home needs a good bath! Pressure washing removes dirt, unsightly growth and even exterior mold. 


How to Power Wash Siding and Windows

Materials and Equipment

  • Soft cloth or rug
  • Pressure washer to wash your windows and sidings


Step 1: Inspect your windows and siding carefully: This step is crucial to ensure there are no missing, cracked, or loose pieces as it needs to be repaired before washing.

– Note the “Watch Out” checklist: Following are some of the items to avoid and you need to be extra careful while power washing:

  • Windows
  • Outdoor lights
  • Existing damage or cracks to your house’s exterior
  • Windows screen
  • Screen doors
  • Painted surfaces

Power Washing Siding and Windows

Step 2: Start washing using a pressure washer: Once you are done with all checks, you can start washing windows and sidings. It is advisable to start with a minimal pressure level and maintain a safe distance.

Step 3: Consider using an environmentally friendly cleaning product and concentrates which is safe for windows, sidings, landscapes, and sidewalks.