How to Mop a Floor to Keep it Clean

Your floor has more germs than you may think. You can bring harmful germs through your slippers from outside. Regular floor cleaning sanitizes the floor and protects you from allergens and dust. Also, mopping the floor removes dirt that can stain and scratch floors. This is why it’s important to know how to mop a floor.

Let’s take a look at the common types of floor maps you can find in the market:


Tile Floor: How to Mop a floor?

Many people use a sponge mop to clean floors. But this type of mop isn’t suitable for tiled floors. It’s because this mop pushes dirty water into grout lines. And you may find it more difficult to clean the surface later. So, you should rather use a rag, steam mop, or chamois mop.

You can use a suitable eco-friendly detergent to clean the indoor tile floor. But remember that too much detergent causes ceramic tiles to look hazy when the residue builds up. So, remove the film with an all-purpose cleaner. Another option is to use fresh lemon juice for effective cleaning.


Mopping a Hardwood Floor

Begin the task by dusting or sweeping your floor well. Then use a commercial floor cleaner and follow the directions on the label.

But not everyone wants to use chemical products found in shops. So, you can prepare a safe cleaning solution at home.

Prepare the cleaning mixture by taking 4 cups of warm water. Add a few drops of castile soap or dish soap. Mix it gently. To clean floors, apply a light amount of liquid on the surface. Then mop or scrub small sections at a time. Also, wipe them with a dry mop.