How to Eliminate Outdoor Insect Infestation

Insect infestation is a major nuisance. It’s because pests can get into the tiniest of cracks. And by the time you notice them, they might have already ruined your furniture and other wooden surfaces. But don’t worry, we are here to help you deal with this prevalent problem!

Ants, rodents, snakes, and other insects can live not only indoors but in outdoor areas too. So, begin the task by inspecting the premises.


Here’s a brief list of items you may need for the task:


Check Garage for Insect Infestation

Insects tend to make house in dark, hidden areas. So, the garage can be the perfect refuge for them. Make sure you look for them in corners, behind large storage items, and near food and water sources.

It’s a great idea to clean your garage and remove clutter. After that, you should spray the garage with insecticide to get rid of insect infestation.


Look Around the Yard

Mulch in your yard provides nice living space for many bugs. Hence, look for insect trails in your garden. Dirt mounds around the perimeter may indicate there is a problem.

To eliminate harmful insects, you should remove clutter in your yard. Removing food or water sources also helps in keeping insects at bay. Also, ensure that outdoor faucets aren’t leaking. Next, you can spray the area with an effective insecticide.


Inspect Windows and Doors

Dealing with insect infestation can be a challenge. But you can inspect the outdoor areas of your house to identify the problem.

Window sills and door structure become their major targets. So, look for cracks and signs of wearing weather stripping. Make sure you remove any insect mounds and webbing. Repairing or replacing broken or damaged windows and doors can also save you trouble. Lastly, you need to spray the area with an insecticide.


Insect Infestation in Brick Siding

It’s important to inspect brick siding when it comes to outdoor insect infestation. Don’t forget to look for cracks, wearing weather stripping, insect mounds, and spiderwebs.

Old brick siding attracts insects like nothing else. So, repair the structure to prevent the problem down the road. Then spraying the surface with insecticides can solve the issue.