Fire Safety Mock Drill for Your Family

Whether it’s your residence or workplace, the risk of fire accidents persists. In 2020, fire accidents accounted for 2,630 deaths around the US. But you can reduce the risk of injuries through a fire safety mock drill for your loved ones.

You should practice evacuating the premises in the event of a fire. Also, invest in good quality fire safety equipment. Lastly, make sure you don’t ignore the maintenance of this equipment.


Materials and Supplies to Arrange

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire alarm
  • Smoke alarm
  • Fire safety gear such as a fire blanket
  • Fire ladder
  • Fireproof lock box for essential documents


Step 1: Do a Home Walk-Through

  1. First, identify at least two potential exits out of every room. This includes doors as well as windows
  2. Next, make sure those exits are easily accessible. Remove any obstructions that may block the exit
  3. Also, consider getting a collapsible escape ladder. This way, you can climb down from higher floors in your home
  4. Invest in fire safety equipment for added safety


Step 2: Fire Safety Drill for Your Family

You need to guide your family members about fire safety steps. Point out potential exit points for every room. Also, explain how to use safety equipment to put out the fire before it reaches the entire property.


Step 3: What to Do in Case of a Fire


Make sure everyone knows there is a fire. Shout loudly to alert everyone present indoors.


Discuss the escape plan beforehand. Don’t forget to come up with a plan to save kids, pets, or family members with special needs.

Get Out

Do not waste time trying to save belongings. Rush outdoors when there is a fire.

Meet Up

Pick a spot outside where family members will gather when they hear the fire alarm.


Step 4: Run a Fire Safety Mock Drill

A fire drill can guide you and your family about how to stay safe. So, run a planned drill and make sure everyone participates in the activity.