Fire Extinguisher Usage Guide

The stove in the kitchen, fireplace, or electronic appliances can lead to a home fire. During such an emergency, you’d need to vacate the premises within minutes. But you can stay safe if there is a fire extinguisher in place. It can help you put out the fire before it ruins your precious home and endangers your life.

It’s best to train family members about how to use fire extinguishers the right way. This way, they won’t panic in case of a fire and take timely actions.


Determine the Type of Fire

First of all, you should know what kind of fire you need to extinguish.

Type A fire results due to solid fuels. This includes wood, coal, or textiles. In these cases, you should use foam or dry chemical powder fire extinguishers.

Type B fire is due to gasoline, oil, paint, or flammable liquids. At such times, you can use a CO2 extinguisher.

Type C fire is caused by gases such as butane or propane. This is when a dry powder extinguisher proves effective.


Fire Extinguisher Usage Tips

Once you have identified the type of fire, use the suitable extinguisher. Make sure the CO2 or other extinguisher is fully charged. Check the date stamp to make sure it is up-to-date.

When it’s time to use the device, you should remove the safety ring. Then point the hose towards the base of the fire. And operate the lever until it completely suffocates the fire.

Using a fire extinguisher needs certain precautions. So, you should consult experts to learn about its safe usage.


Safety Measures

It is necessary to adopt certain safety measures when activating the extinguisher. CO2 displaces oxygen from the air which makes it dangerous to health. So, make sure there is an escape route. Also, evacuating the room beforehand is important.

The concentration of CO2 greater than 9% in the air has harmful effects. And it can lead to suffocation. Thus, adopt extreme safety conditions when using the extinguisher in a closed space. When combined, CO2 concentration and lack of oxygen can have fatal consequences.

To use the device in a safe way, stay close to the escape route. Also, stand at a distance of two meters from the fire for your safety.