Fire Escape Ladder for Upstairs Saves Lives

Did you know there are over 346,800 fire accidents per year in the US? This leads to 2,620 deaths and losses of $3.7 million on average. This is why a fire escape ladder is essential in case of such an emergency.

When fire breaks out, residents living on upper floors often get trapped. This is when a fire ladder can provide you a safe way to escape.


How to Choose a Fire Escape Ladder

A fire ladder is an inexpensive and life-saving item. So, make sure you get one for every room in multi-story homes. but there are certain factors you need to consider when choosing a suitable ladder:

Ladder Cost

When buying a fire ladder, never compromise on the quality of the product. But make sure you stay within your budget. Get a good quality ladder that suits your budget and is safe to use.


You may find cheap fire escape ladders for a low price. But such items are often for one-time use. Then how would you practice using the ladder if it’s not reusable? So, invest in reusable products for your safety.


Emergency escape ladders should be durable. They should be heat resistant and shouldn’t easily get damaged. This way, you can quickly move down the ladder even when you’re in panic due to fire.

Strength and Size

Opt for an escape ladder that is strong enough to hold the weight of adults. It should be of perfect size and reach the ground. Also, make sure it fits within the width of the upstairs windows.


How to Use Escape Ladders

Once you have purchased the ladder, it’s time to deploy it. You may want to install it on the window sill since it can support your weight. Make sure there is no debris or dangerous items underneath for a safe landing.

Now, hook it into the windowsill as per manufacturer instructions. Test for weight support before practicing how to use it.

Release the ladder by pulling its strap. then wear the safety harness and get onto the ladder.

There’s no doubt using the suspended ladder may cause fear. But this drill ensures you can safely use the ladder in case of home fires.


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