Fertilizing Lawn Tips That Are Easy to Follow

You need nutrients and so does your lawn. Fertilizing your lawn provides nutrients that keep the lawn healthy and make it look wonderful.

Does your lawn have a healthy green color? If it has, then it’s great. Otherwise, it may indicate there is a problem. So, you may need to improve the watering technique, eliminate harmful insects and fungus, and provide nutrients to support plant growth.


Tips for Fertilizing Lawn

First, select the appropriate fertilizer. But it’s not always as easy as it seems and can become a challenge. Don’t forget to check the foundation of fertilizers on the bag. It is usually a set of three numbers (10–5–2). These numbers indicate the amount of minerals.

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Selecting the correct balance of these numbers is very important. Many manufacturers make it easier by identifying the type of grass. You may notice the types St. Augustine, Fescue, Centipede, etc. on the fertilizer bag.

Materials and Supplies

Essential Steps

You must already have chosen a suitable fertilizer. But before you apply it to the lawn, there’s another important step.

You need to determine if weed control is required. Many fertilizers contain a combination of supplements that can kill off harmful weeds. They can eliminate the nuisance before it takes over your entire yard. Always remember that weed control solutions work best in Spring.

Now it’s time to apply the fertilizer. Are you ready?

If your lawn is big you may need additional equipment. For this purpose, get a broadcast spreader that makes distributing the fertilizer much easier. So, you need not spread the lawn fertilizer by hand!

Follow directions on the fertilizer bag. It’ll guide you about the amount of fertilizer you should apply. Also, read instructions about the appropriate weather conditions and the yard pattern to distribute the fertilizer.

You may want to apply the fertilizer twice a year – Spring and Fall. But it all depends on the health of your plants and grass.