Exterior Siding Repair Guide for Homeowners

Keep your home looking nice. Keep pests outside and keep water from causing serious damage inside. Paint, Protect and Repair exterior home siding, bricks, etc.

What to do?

Step 1: Inspect outside and examine your siding:

– Walk around your home and look for areas where paint may be flaking, peeling, chipped.

– Check for any bubbling paint or water damage.  

– Also use a ladder to check upper siding. These are the zones where touch up is needed.

Step 2:  Clean those areas where you find damages:

– Take a paint scraper and remove those paints which do not adhere tightly to the siding. 

– Use a wire brush to remove flakes: When you are done with scrapping, use a wire brush to remove any remaining paint flakes. If the siding still has any grime or dirt on it, use warm water and old rag to clean it.

Step 3: Buy paint which is matched with siding. 

– Apply a primer layer: Before applying a primer layer, it is advisable to first read the label for the instructions. 

– Touch up properly of the affected areas: Use the same paint applicator which you used to paint the home’s exterior.

– Let your paint dry fully: If you see the color is too light, you can apply a second or third layer.

Materials and Supplies needed:

– Exterior finishing paint

– Primer

– Paint applicator

– Wire brush

– Paint scraper

– A ladder

– Old rag