Earthquake Safety Drill: Do’s and Don’ts

Earthquakes are natural disasters that can endanger your life. Statistics suggest there are around sixteen major earthquakes every year around the globe. So, you should know what to do and what not to do when you find yourself in such a situation. Also, make sure your loved ones are aware of these earthquake safety drill tips too.

Preparing an earthquake emergency bag is also a good idea!


The Do’s of Earthquake Safety Drill

By remembering the following tips, you can reduce the risk of critical injuries:

Drop Down

When the ground starts shaking, refrain from running around. Fall onto your hands and knees where you are. This can save you from getting knocked down and help you stay low.

Take Cover for Earthquake Safety Drill

Quickly cover your head and neck with arms. Look for strong support nearby such as a table and crawl underneath it. If no sturdy furniture is nearby, you can also take cover near an interior wall away from windows.

Hold On to a Support

Take shelter under strong support and hold on to it until the shaking stops. If you have to move to someplace else, try to take the table under which you’re hiding with you.

In addition, past studies about earthquakes in the US indicate that falling or flying objects are more likely to cause you harm. For instance, TV, lamps, glass, and bookcases. This is why the above-mentioned strategy offers the best protection in many situations.


The Don’ts of Earthquake Safety Drill

Don’t Get in a Doorway

It’s a prevalent myth that you can stay safe by standing in the doorway. But it can be dangerous. Many people hold to a doorframe during an earthquake. But doorways aren’t safe in modern houses and buildings. Also, they can’t protect you from flying or falling objects. So, get under a table instead for your safety!

Don’t Run Outside

Trying to run outside or downstairs in an earthquake is dangerous. Since the ground is moving, the falling debris and glass may cause an injury. Running outside is more dangerous if glass, bricks, or other building components are falling. Rather, it’s much safer to stay inside and get under a table.