Clean Gutters: What’s the Best Way?

Roof gutters direct rainwater away from your house. It prevents water from accumulating and protects the house’s foundation. So, you need to clean gutters at least once a year before winters.

Gutters and downspouts can clog due to leaves. It blocks water flow. This settled water can be very damaging. So, clean roof gutters before winter and after a storm to ensure your gutters stay free of debris.


Clean Debris

Inspect roof gutters and remove the leaves and dirt you notice. Also, the downspout may accumulate leaves and debris. It may block water flow and cause significant jams. You need to clean it too. And the best way to unclog downspouts is through a pressure washer.

Remove Compact Soil

Rainwater may also bring compact soil. This soil adheres to the gutter over time. So, you should use a stiff brush to scrape it clean.

Prevent Debris Accumulation

Regularly cleaning debris can save you from trouble. But it’s more important to take actions to prevent debris from blocking gutters down the road.

For this purpose, Put a grid in the hole of the downspout. It’ll reduce the risk of compact debris accumulating again. Also, you’ll find it easier to remove debris when it’s time to clean the premises.


Why Clean Gutters on Roof

Maintenance of roof gutters keeps it in good shape for longer. So, you don’t have to spend a fortune on replacing or repairing them. It ensures water easily passes through gutters and doesn’t stand on the roof. And you don’t have to worry about pests and insects making a home in stagnant water. Also, it protects your house from expensive water damage.


Materials You Need to Clean Gutters

  • Stiff brush
  • Strong and long ladder
  • Gloves
  • Other safety equipment
  • Pressure washer


Now that you know how to clean roof downspouts and gutter, you should clean them on a regular basis!