how to clean a carpet at home

This water looks like mud! You will be surprised at how much dirt is trapped in your carpet. Carpet cleaning is a great way to remove that dirt, pests and fibers that contribute to allergies.

What to do?

Step 1: Thoroughly vacuum carpet

Step 2: Spot clean heavily stained areas – using stain remover – appropriate for your type of carpet

Step 3: Consider Renting or Purchasing a Carpet Cleaner –

  1. Purchasing: From 150 to 400. This initial investment can save lots of money – long-term and you can clean your carpet more frequently.
  2. Renting: Local stores (Grocery, Home Improvement, etc.) offer units for rent. The cost can be around $30 per day.

Step 4: Purchase appropriate Carpet Cleaning Solution.

  1. This solution runs about $20. The area it will clean depends on many factors.
  2. Special cleaning solutions are available for people with allergies and pets

Step 5: Follow the directions as provided by the carpet cleaning unit.

  1. Take extra time extracting water from the carpet with the unit. This will reduce drying time – greatly.

Step 6: Allow appropriate time for carpet to dry.

  1. Ensure room is at a normal temperature, above 70.
  2. A box fan can greatly decrease the drying time

Step 7: Vacuum carpet when dry.

Materials and Supplies needed:

– Vacuum cleaner

– Carpet Cleaner

– Carpet cleaning solution

– Stain Remover

Equipment to make it easier:

– Vacuum cleaner

– Carpet Cleaner