Chimney Inspection and Cleaning Process

Extended fireplace use leads to sediment build-ups. It prevents smoke from exiting through the chimney and increases the risk of home fires. So, chimney inspection from professionals at least once per year is of extreme importance.

Do you know how professionals perform a fireplace inspection? Then let’s check it out!


Materials and Equipment

  • Long stiff chimney brush
  • Large piece of cardboard
  • Piece of cloth
  • Ladder
  • Vacuum cleaner


Steps for Chimney Inspection and Cleaning

Cleaning the Fireplace

Remove ash and debris from the combustion compartment. Brush the sides and bottom with a stiff broom or a chimney brush.

Now open the grill and glass doors as wide as possible. Don’t forget to place a large piece of cardboard or cloth in the combustion compartment.

Take a large piece of cardboard and close its edges with tape. You can use it as a protective cover to protect the room from material falling down the chimney. Also, close the gate or glass doors if you have them.

Chimney Cleaning

Climb up a ladder to the roof of your house and reach the chimney. Is there a rain cover or bird grille? Then you need to remove it. But before removing it, ensure you have flashing material on hand. This way, you can seal it again when putting it back in place.

Flash the flashlight down the chimney and look for dangerous build-ups of creosote. It’s a black or brown fuel derived from wood that collects in the chimney pipes.

Use a brush to clean the chimney. Start from the top and then move to its sides and continue downward. Professionals carry long and sturdy fireplace brushes. So, they can completely clean the inside of the fireplace.

Also, they may clean it with a vacuum cleaner. For this purpose, they would add a vacuum cleaner extension tube or PVC pipe. Thus, they eliminate the remains produced during the cleaning process.

Finishing Touch to Chimney Inspection

Go down the stairs and go back to the fireplace. Now remove the protective cover or protective barrier placed earlier. You should be ready to replace the andirons and make a nice fire to enjoy.