Burglary Crime Prevention: Ultimate Guide

Your home is a safe haven where you feel comfortable. You may take burglary crime prevention actions to ensure you and your family feels safe.

Burglars move around a neighborhood to choose their target. They may choose to enter a property when no one seems to be at home. So, you should make your house unattractive for intruders. Do you know how you can do it?


Factors that Attract Burglars

Easy Hiding Spots

Burglars tend to target properties where people can’t notice them. So, consider your yard’s potential hiding spots. Do you have big bushes near doors or windows? Any area that allows thieves to hide is of prime interest.

Make sure you clear those hiding spots to keep burglars at bay. This means you should regularly trim foliage such as boxwood shrubs.

Trash Items

Burglars may inspect your trash bin to gain insight into the possessions you own. They may check your recycling box to find out if you have recently purchased expensive items or appliances.

If you place such boxes outside, make sure you tear them down. Otherwise, burglars may easily identify what to look for when they break into your house.

Mail Buildup

A heap of mail in your mailbox is a tell-tale sign that no one is home. You can’t collect mail when you’re away for vacation or business meetings for a few days. Thus, burglars may break into your place, knowing that you aren’t likely to return for at least a few days.

If you’re leaving town, ask a neighbor to pick up your mail for you. This prevents curious thieves from inviting themselves into your home.

Behavior of Residents

Humans are creatures of habits and routine. Unfortunately, this helps burglars figure out when to strike. They’ll pay attention to your routine. For example, when you leave and how long you stay away. They also determine whether or not you lock the door and windows of your place as well as the vehicle parked in your porch.

They may go keep an eye on items delivered to your doorstep. This way, they find out whether you often purchase expensive items.


Burglary Crime Prevention Tips

Burglars are unpredictable. But there are plenty of ways you can proactively protect yourself. Here are the most helpful burglary crime prevention suggestions to help you stay safe from this threat:

Start a Neighborhood Watch System

A neighborhood watch system is a resident-run surveillance arrangement. It can be of great value when it comes to thwarting crime. This civilian system is a great way to keep your community united. You can discuss security issues with people in the neighborhood. And you can stay alert against threats in the neighborhood.

Invest in a Security System for Burglary Crime Prevention

A home security system can help you protect your house. You can monitor activity even when you’re away. So, you may want to install a CCTV camera, a doorbell camera, and a burglar alarm.

When you choose a CCTV camera, opt for professional monitoring services too. These professionals will monitor activity in your yard and porch. And they can alert authorities if they notice an intruder. Also, surveillance camera footage works as evidence after burglaries.

Motion sensor outdoor lights can also prove helpful. You can invest in smart bulbs to increase security. Connect it with your home security smart hub. And you can remotely turn the lights on and off when needed.

Secure the Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are easy entry points. So, secure them with smart locks. You can access the lock through your smartphone. Thus, you need not worry about losing keys. Or burglars breaking into your home by unlocking the door.

Be careful when opening the door. Use the doorbell camera to check who’s at the door. Don’t open the door if you don’t know the person or they seem suspicious.

Also, the late afternoon light is wonderful. But leaving your blinds raised opens your home to passersby. To stay safe from burglars, close blinds in the evening or at night.

It’s also a good idea to cover windows with a privacy film. It works as an added defense against nosy neighbors as well as thieves. Privacy film keeps inquisitive eyes from seeing your valuables. Yet, it still lets natural light seep through.

Rely on Your Furry Friend to Ensure Burglary Crime Prevention

Your furry friend must be your best friend. But they are also great at burglary crime prevention. A burglar would think twice before entering the premises if they notice a pet dog inside. Also, make sure you hang a “Beware of the Dog” sign in your yard!

Don’t Overshare Information

Refrain from oversharing personal information. Or you may end up inviting burglars. For instance, you may want to share your vacation pictures on social media. But what if it informs burglars of your absence from your house? So, wait until you’re back home. Then you can send these photos to trusted friends or family members to share memories.

Further, be cautious of who you invite into your home. And how much information you share with them. Before hiring house assistance, verify they are a reliable professional.

Prepare Your House for Burglary Prevention

When you’re out of town, make sure you make your house look lived in. For this purpose, put a hold on your mail. Install smart motion sensor lights outdoors. You can also ask your neighbors to sometimes park their vehicle in your driveway.

Burglars know where you may hide door keys and valuable items. So, be creative with your hiding spots. You can hide expensive and precious items in locations where burglars are less likely to look. This may include a kid’s toy basket or the pantry. Or better yet, buy yourself a safe!