Alarm System Battery Replacement Guide

Breaking in in residential properties makes up 63% of burglaries in the US. Worried, right? But don’t worry if you have an effective home security system in place. It’s because 60% of burglars leave a property alone when there is a security alarm in place. So, the next step is to learn about alarm system battery replacement. This way, you can keep burglars at bay.

Some home security systems use battery backup. This way, the device keeps working even when there is a power failure. So, ensure that the battery is in good condition. Certain signs can indicate you need to replace the security system battery. Here are these:

  • When the battery is 3-5 years old
  • A beeping sound comes from the keypad
  • A red warning light may indicate the battery isn’t in optimal condition
  • Low battery sign on the alarm display


Materials and Supplies

Do you notice the above-mentioned warning signs? Then it’s time to replace the old battery. You’d need the following items for this purpose:


Easy Alarm System Battery Replacement Steps

Every genuine alarm system comes with a manufacturer manual. So, consult it to learn about the steps to replace the battery. But what if you misplace the manual? Then don’t worry, you can find the instructions online. You should check the manufacturer’s website and download the manual of your specific product.

First, disconnect the alarm from the power supply. Now, open the battery box with a screwdriver. Check the polarity of the battery and remove it. Then you can insert the new battery into the security system.

Once you have replaced the battery, check the device. Press the test button to determine if the alarm is working. Congratulations! Your home security system is back in working condition. And you can take a sigh of relief!