How to Clean Faucet Aerator

The faucet aerator maintains the optimum flow of water. It prevents water splashing from faucets and showerheads. But with regular use, these plumbing fixtures can get clogged. So, you should know how to clean faucet aerator to smooth out water flow.

When it comes to cleaning faucet aerators and showerheads, there are certain actions you should take. This way, it won’t be difficult to get rid of mineral deposits that clog plumbing systems. Also, you can increase their lifespan by regularly cleaning these fixtures.


How to Clean Faucet Aerator: Easy Steps

Step#1: Remove Faucet Nozzle

Most faucet nozzles consist of three pieces. This includes the tap mouth, filter, and a small rubber gasket. First, you need to remove this nozzle.

The removal process may vary with sanitaryware brands. Removing the nozzle can be as easy as manually twisting it off with your fingers. Or it may require using a wrench or pliers.

Be EXTRA CAUTIOUS when using pliers or a wrench!

Also, make sure you do not lose ANY parts.

Step#2: Clean the Filter

The second step is to clean the faucet or shower filter. For this purpose, place it under running water. This causes all the sediment to come out.

It’s also a good idea to immerse it in vinegar for a few minutes. Vinegar is strong enough to dissolve and soften the lime. Then you can clean it with an old brush and a water jet.

Step#3: Replace the Filter

Experts suggest that you should clean faucet aerators every few months. It improves water flow and increases their lifespan. But if the aerator is not in good condition, then replacing it may be your best bet.


How to Clean Faucet Aerator: Materials You Need

Here are a few items you’d need for cleaning faucet aerators or showerheads:

  • Wrench, screwdriver, or plier
  • Vinegar
  • Old brush


Now you know how to clean faucet aerator and showerheads. So, clean these fixtures every few months. And you won’t have to worry about malfunctioning aerators!