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Welcome to Correct Home Care!

At Correct Home Care, we aim to make your life easier. Worried about losing track of your home maintenance schedule? Or too busy to think about what to add to your spring maintenance checklist? Then with our house maintenance schedule feature, you won’t have to worry about these things.


Home Maintenance Schedule

We know how busy you are. With your hectic schedule, it’s easy to forget when to perform house maintenance. But worry no more! Our automatic house maintenance schedule is there to remind you on time. Isn’t that great?

This easy-to-use tool helps you take care of your precious home. When it comes to routine house maintenance, you may have to perform several tasks. So, here are some of these:

With Correct Home Care, it’s no more a challenge to keep track of these tasks. You can list down the tasks you need to perform and set reminders. Hence, we will remind you when it’s time to perform those tasks.

You can decide whether you want to receive reminders through emails or text messages. This way, you won’t end up forgetting the crucial tasks. Also, you may be unsure how to perform maintenance. Thus, we also share valuable tips with you for expert guidance. So, you can go through the list of articles in our library to get information about the topic of your interest.


Need a Winter Home Checklist or Spring Maintenance Checklist?

The indoor and outdoor house maintenance schedule was never this convenient!

Correct Home Care makes taking care of your home hassle-free. At the beginning of the winter or spring seasons, you may want to prepare your residence for the upcoming season. But do you know what tasks you should perform for this purpose?

We provide a list of winter home checklist items and spring home checklist items. You can read about the benefits of these tasks. As a result, you can decide which maintenance tasks are essential for keeping your place in good shape. Not only that, but you can also choose your own schedule that suits your requirements. In addition, we will send you timely reminders to ensure you don’t end up forgetting your home maintenance schedule.


Why Correct Home Care?

Do you know what makes Correct Home Care a great option?

  • Effective home maintenance tips
  • Option to set reminders for maintenance
  • A never-ending library of information about house maintenance
  • Winter and spring maintenance checklists
  • Also, feel free to ask experts for advice
  • Easy to follow us on social media